Lies of a century (eBook)

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This thrilling book does not only uncover unbelievable facts but also offers solutions in the second part which will change your life completely. The Foreword is written by the well-known German TV-presenter and author Michael Mross.
Who actually rules the world?
Since the financial crisis in 2008 it is becoming increasingly evident to the interested individual that powerful groups are not only responsible for the financial crisis, but are also profiteering from it.
Who are the interest groups that pull the strings in the background? What happens to the politicians who do not want to play along?
The book deals with these and other topics:
  • Does Goldman Sachs rule the world?
  • Who financed the Nazis and the WWII? Who were the main profiteers?
  • How do the Bilderberger and the CFR influence world events?
  • Who staged the wars of the last 100 years?
  • Why did Herrhausen, Moellemann and Rohwedder really have to die?
  • Why have quite a number of witnesses in the "Barschel" court case lost their lives?
  • Which secret hides behind John F. Kennedy's murder?
  • Which politicians who opposed the New World Order died mysterious deaths?
  • Is "The City of London" a state within a state?

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